Partner Organisations

Bridges for Recognition was the result of a complex cooperation of different people and institutions.


Bridges for Recognition was organised by the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre at Jint (Belgium, Flanders). Tony Geudens coordinated the event and Hannelore Herreman was responsible for the technical and participant management of Bridges.


Bridges for Recognition was made possible by the generous financial support of the European Commission. The Council of Europe provided co-funding. The Flemish Community was so good to invite us for the farewell party of the event, as the event took place in Flanders. 

Steering Group

The concept and content of Bridges for Recognition was steered by a Steering Group with representatives of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Youth Partnership(s) between the Council of Europe and the European Commission, the European Youth Forum, the National Agencies and the SALTO-YOUTH network

Bridges Staff

Tony Geudens and Hannelore Herreman were assisted by a team of Bridges staff:

  • Joel Versin : technical management
  • Rosanna Mendolia : reporting assistant/photography
  • Ann Hendriks, Tine Van Roy, Saartje Verheyen, Jozefien Lecluyze, Sofie Cloostermans, Inez Adriaensen, David Wemel : hosts/welcome desk
  • Jan van de Broek: finances/transport
  • Peter Smets: transport
  • Jelena Stojanovic : volunteer
  • Claudia Marchietti & Bernadette De Coster : secretariat
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