Inclusion & Diversity Kitchen - Online staff training on inclusion & diversity

Providing a basic knowledge on ID and offering a set of recipes to the NA staff to better support ID colleagues and inclusion groups and organisations. The ID Kitchen will make inclusion & diversity everybody’s business and train new ID sous chefs. 5-7 February 2024, online.

ID Kitchen TC 2024 Report
ID Kitchen TC 2024 Evaluation Report

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ID Kitchen TC 2023 Evaluation Report
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ID Kitchen TC 2022 Evaluation Report

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ID Kitchen TC 2021 Evaluation Report

Inclusion & diversity issues can be properly address only by making them priority and putting ID on top of all the agenda’s and by making a common effort. It’s not a one person task, but something everybody working in the NA is contributing too. Supporting inclusion & diversity is a priority in a new perspective of Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps 2021-2027, but how can we contribute to putting it into practice?

With this training course we would like to make ID everybody’s business and train new ID sous chefs. The training course will provide a basic knowledge on what are we talking about, offer a set of approaches and recipes (that were tried and tested) to better support ID colleagues and inclusion groups and organisations, so that more young people with fewer opportunities can benefit from international (youth) projects.

For whom is it?

This is a cross-sectoral event and it's open for all ESC & E+ National Agencies staff, interested in the topic. Maximum 25.


To support non-inclusion officers to develop their competences of the inclusion & diversity issues and approaches and by doing so, maximise the results and impact of their NA inclusion work.


  • To get familiar with ID concepts and the European ID policy framework
  • To gain better understanding of the ID issues and how to tackle those national/European level
  • To become better equipped to support the ID Officers colleagues, as well as the beneficiaries from our different roles in the NA
  • To exchange ideas and share practices on managing the inclusion issues and learn from each other
  • To reflect on the values and aims of the NA officer’s work

Programme elements:

  • Intro & getting to know each other
  • Basic ID concepts and definitions, introducing the E+ & ESC ID Strategy
  • What is our role and how can we support ID officer and beneficiaries
  • Learning & sharing approaches, practices & recipes
  • Creating an individual action plan
  • Evaluation


Digital format. Participants can expect a mix of synchronous sessions (together online) and different asynchronous tasks (between the online sessions) which should give them the similar content as a face-to-face.
We’ll be making use of the Cookbook on Inclusion & Diversity audio/podcast.

Organised in cooperation with the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity for Education and Training and Croatian NA.


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