ID Kitchen Podcast

The podcast about promoting inclusion and diversity in all areas of work at National Agencies and making ID everyone's business!

Talking about why inclusion and diversity matter, who is responsible for that in everyday work, what tools are available, the role of communication and how to get others on board for promoting inclusion and diversity.

This 6-episode podcast series is exploring the flavours and recipes of promoting inclusion and diversity at the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agencies.

Meet some young people and non-inclusion staff members of different National Agencies and hear what they think and feel about the important ID issues and how they see their role in making ID everyone’s business at the NA.
They are sharing practical ways of becoming an inclusion and diversity sous-chef.

The podcast can be used as a tool for the organisational discussions and reflections about shared responsibilities, communication, resistance, participation and reaching out and making sure that there is a place for everybody at the table!

It can be used as food for thought, as well as resource to definitely be added to your, NA's “newcomers toolkit”!

Make yourself comfortable and listen to the voices of young people and your colleagues and hear why inclusion matters!

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