ID Tool and Training for Assessors

Assessors hold the key to granting inclusion and diversity projects and accreditations. We developed a cheat sheet + explanation for assessors to read applications through an I&D lens and to write a supportive assessment. This ID Tool is accompanied by a training session for assessors, for which you find (soon) all materials on this page.

Cheat sheets for more and better Inclusion

In the ID tool for E+ and ESC assessors 'Let ID Blossom', you will find 2 cheat sheets:

  1. Looking at applications through an ID lens
  2. Writing supportive assessments for ID

These cheat sheets are complemented by handy explanations about how you can uncover the inclusion and diversity stories in applications.

The ID Tool comes in 2 formats with exactly the same content:

  1. A booklet version (PDF) - to print double-sided on A4 (flip on short edge). Keep the first and last A4 page as booklet cover (with the cheat sheet on the inside cover). Cut the middle pages to A5, put them in order and staple as indicated. This will nicely put the ID explanations next to the cheat sheets.
  2. A linear version (PDF) to simply use on-screen, or to print on A4, possibly only the cheat sheets.

A training session on ID for assessors

The ID Tool for assessors is accompanied by a training session outline (3 hours). This helps NAs to make their assessor pools aware of the importance of Inclusion and Diversity and shows how to use the ID Tool for Assessors.

  • The training outline and training material will soon be added.
  • ID Tool for Assessors in E+ Youth and ESC

    ID Tool for Assessors in E+ Youth and ESC


The following downloads are available:

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