Resources for Youth from Rural & Geographically Isolated Areas

Besides these Rural Youth pages and the Village International booklet there are quite some resources available on the internet to make the most of your rural youth work. We give you a short overview.

Youth Work & Training Methods

The SALTO-YOUTH network of resource centres has developed a 'Toolbox' full of interesting methods for youth work and training, which can inspire your youth work >

Besides these individual methods, there are also the following educational manuals specifically geared towards (international) rural youth work:

International Rural Youth Organisations

There are 2 European umbrella organisations of rural youth organisations. They have a wide variety of member organisations in almost every country. You could contact them (or the member organisations) to get more information about rural youth projects, for finding rural partner groups in other countries etc.

  • MIJARC Europe (International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth): international youth NGO, a training and education movement and a rural development organisation run by young people for young people, they have Info Europe newsletters about different topics related to rural youth >
  • Rural Youth Europe (former European Committee for Young Farmers' and 4H Clubs): European umbrella organisation for youth organizations working voluntarily to promote and activate young people in countryside. They organise yearly seminars, a "rally" and edit a newsletter >
  • Together these organisations did a study on youth participation in rural areas: Change the Village, Challenge Yourself! It analyses the challenges young people in isolated areas face and collected good practice of how to deal with these obstacles, in the field of non-formal education (i.e. youth work), leisure time and employment > download the final report booklet at (or at the bottom of this page)
  • These Organisations also organised a series of study sessions and position papers about rural youth, of which you can find the reports at the bottom of this page.

International legislation

Different European Insititutions have made recommendations and charters to its member states to improve the situation of young people in geographically disadvantaged areas:

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Information about Europe? for youth?

There are 2 networks of European & youth information organisations:

  • Eurodesk is a European network of information services in 27 countries providing a unique access to European information (about funding, EU, Youth in Action,...) for young people and those who work with them >
  • ERYICA (European Youth Information & Counselling Agency) is a network of generalist youth information points in Europe. They developed a European Youth Information Charter and the InfoMobil with handy information about travelling to different countries > &

Trainers about Rural Youth Issues

Are you looking for a trainer for your inclusion training with and/or for rural youth? SALTO has developed the Trainers Online for Youth (TOY) database for this purpose. You can find a list of trainers specialized in rural youth topics, and you can also add search criteria (such as language skills, training background, gender, country, etc.)

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The following downloads are available:

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