Working with specific Target Groups

Not all young people have the same needs! That's why SALTO Inclusion started a target group-approach. We developed some pages with specific resources for working with Disability, LesBiGay, Rural youth and more to come.

The SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre developed some Resource pages for specific target groups. Were you wondering where to find money for projects, project partners, links to online resources, trainers with experience in this field, good practices with these groups, arguments to convice stakeholders, etc - simply click on the target groups below.

Young people in the Youth in Action programme are defined according to the obstacles they face in taking part in this mobility programme:

SALTO Inclusion tries to stimulate their inclusion in and access to the European Youth in Action programme and create opportunities for those that maybe did not think of these options.

But every one of these target groups (actually each and every young person) has their own specific needs and wishes. "Disadvantaged Youth" should not be lumped together in one category! That's why SALTO started organising Inclusion Training Courses and developing Educational Material for these specific target groups.

Find out what opportunities and resources exist for specific target groups on the signpost pages by clicking the links above.

If you would have more suggestions or ressources to improve the work with young people with fewer opportunities, you are most welcome to let us know at

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