Youth policy in Armenia

Youth work in Armenia started after 1991, when Armenia was declared as a sovereign state and took the path of building a democratic, social and legal state. By 1991, nearly 70 years, Armeniawas part of the USSR, where youth work played amajor rule. There was respective governmental structures, mechanisms, programmes and financing. However that work was highly ideological and political.

After the independence Armenia was in a difficult transition period and it was only since 1995 that state youth policy was implemented. There were no terms "Youth Worker", "Youth Work" in it, but the state actually supported youth work.

In 1990, non-governmental and international organizations began to operate in Armenia. The main target was youth and the goal was to support the solution of youth problems. During these years they have multiplied, expanded their activities.

The historical background and traditions of youth work in Armenia are partially reflected in the order of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of 2016 implemented «Reserch on Youth Work and Youth Worker. Study: Current State of Youth Work and its Development Perspectives ». 2015 The regulations of the Youth Worker Institute have been developed on the basis of numerous materials on local and international youth work experience.

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