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REVISED 2020 - A ‘learning-by-doing’ team game to introduce Youthpass and the eight key competences for lifelong learning, with a hands-on tool to keep track of the learning outcomes, according to the eight key competences.

Aims of the tool

• To introduce Youthpass and its competences as a tool for self-assessment of the learning process.
• To introduce the key competences by means of a “learning-by-doing” activity.
• To provide a tool to reflect and keep track of the ongoing learning process.

Description of the tool

You are the captain of your own ship during this learning journey and this log is for you to write down what you are learning everyday.
Your Youthpass Compass will help you navigate during the trip and decide your final destination. Youth in Action is based on non-formal learning and for that to be evaluated in your Youthpass you have to assess your competences before, during and after your journey.
You will visit different ports of call during your learning itinerary and it is very important that you, as the captain, take down notes and pointers. When it comes to the end of journey, you can look at your compass and log book to see where and how your learning cargo has arrived.

The objective of this activity is to introduce Youthpass and its competences as a tool for self-assessment of the learning process. The objective of the game is for each team to get their “YOUTHPASS-PORT” stamped, after visiting each island and fulfilling certain tasks related to each one of the 8 key competences. This is a “learning-by-doing” activity where the main aspects of Youthpass are addressed and discussed during the game and the debriefing.

1. Divide the participants in groups of 4 pax@ max
2. Draw 8 islands (with masking tape) on the floor that correspond with the 8 key competences and place one task card and the necessary materials and equipment on each island.
3. Every group gets one empty passport divided in 8 sections and 1 die.
4. Explain the objective of the game. The objective of the game is to get the passport stamped on the 8 different island icons within 45 minutes. (Each icon represents 1 key competence)
5. Once they roll the die, they go to the island with the task card that matches the icon they got on the die. If there is another team on the island, they have to roll the die again until they find a vacant island they have not visited before.
6. The game ends when everybody has the 8 stamps or when the time is over
7. Debriefing and Discussion:
a) Debriefing about the game and its relevance to the competences and the project;
b) Presentation and discussion about 8 key competencies;
c) Explanation about Youthpass process during project. This is connected to the Captain’s Log as a tool to self-assess their learning outcomes throughout the project.

The Captain's Log is intended to provide participants with a hands-on tool in an eye-catching and stimulating way to keep track of the learning outcomes according to the 8 key competences. At each “Port of call”, the participants have time to work on their Youthpasses using the Captain's log. During the evaluation, they are told to collect and summarise the most important parts of their logs and forward them along with their personal details to the coordinator to issue their Youthpasses.

1. Departure Day
• Distribute 1 copy of the Captain´s Log to each participant.
• Explain the way they can use their Captain´s Log and allow time for questions and comments.
2. Dateline: Port 1
• Individual reflection about learning results of a certain period. The trainer or mentor is available for clarifications and support.
3. Dateline: Port 2
• Individual reflection about learning results of a certain period. The trainer or mentor is available for clarifications and support.
4. Arrival Day
• Summary of individual learning results through a discussion with trainers or mentor (more than one should be available). Inserting information into on-line system and printing Youthpasses (this could be done afterwards in case of a short activity such as a TC).


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Tool overview


This tool is for

• Youth workers, young people, project managers, youth leaders, EVS volunteers, and any person doing an activity that entitles them to receive a Youthpass certificate. • It can also be used to promote Youthpass and raise awareness of it as a tool for the recognition of NFE. • 24 pax max. for the Youthpass Islands Activity. • On individual basis for the Captain's Log activity.

and addresses

Voluntary Service, YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Personal Development, Peer education, Evaluation

Materials needed:

• Hard copies of the YOUTHPASS-PORTS (1 per group)
• Hard copies of the CAPTAIN'S LOG (1 per participant)
• Task cards (competences)
• 1 eight-sided die per group
• Coloured markers
• Masking Tape
• Cardboard
• Deck of cards
• Hand out with card game instructions
• Handouts with Math problem
• Tangram game
• Plasticine
• Paper
• Coloured paper
• Glue
• Rubber stamp (to validate the passport)
• Scissors
• Computer


90 minutes for the "departure day". 45 minutes for each of the other "ports of call".

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Juan Ratto-Nielsen. The questions to define competences are based on the "Leaflet on Revised Key Competences in Youthpass" - and some tasks for the game were based on the activity "Piece of cake: discovering key competences in Evs

in the context of

YOUTHPASS Introduction and recording of learning outcomes in International TCs.

The tool has been experimented in

International Training Courses

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Juan Ratto-Nielsen (on 28 June 2010)

and last modified

19 November 2010

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