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Simulation Exercise, Info session


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YouthGame is a tool to support Youth workers to explain YouthPass to volunteers and other participants of YiA projects and help them reflect about their learning process in a practical, understandable and funny way.

Aims of the tool

Youthgame’s aims are strongly related with the possibility to explain what Youth pass is, which is the utility and to show practical examples of key competences during a project. Moreover it can be used to start recognize the competences acquired during a long term project (evs project) and to introduce Youthpass to the local community.

Description of the tool

The idea is to organize a sort of Treasure Hunt in which each participant / volunteer will need to fullfil a series of Tasks (see the attached form), each one directly related to one of the key competences. Each competence can include 1 ore more tasks. Every task can be completed individually or in a group. Once the participants/volunteers have finished all their tasks, a plenary will be organized to analyze the learning outcomes they have achived from the game and bring the reflect from each particular example to a more general approche to what YouthPass is and what is it used for. The plenary can be done at an individual level or working in small groups.
Through this Game volunteers will learn to be responsible about their own leaning and get to be selfdirected-learners by undestanding the bases of Non-formal education and be able to experience it in real cases.

When applying this tool to EVS volunteers, after the Game and the plenary we recommend to provide each volunteer with a Learning diary where they can regulary write down the activities they develop during the service and collect his / her competences in the specific fields.
When applying this tool to other YiA Actions, we recommend to use it in a 1-day/1/2-day long activity towards the end of the Exchange, T.C, to evaluate the Learning achivements of participants during the project.
Is it possible to change/addapt the 8 tasks considering the type of project (long or short, ecc), the duration of the exercise, the particularites of the local community or the specific target group.

Available downloads:


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Tool overview


This tool is for

Participants taking part in any YiA project eligeble to receive a Youthpass.

and addresses

Youth Initiatives, Voluntary Service, YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Evaluation

It is recommended for use in:

Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)
Action 2 (European Voluntary Service)

Materials needed:

YouthGame task Form


From 4 hour to 2 weeks or more.
For EVS Volunteers: we recommend to organize a meeting to provide volunteers with the YouthGame task Form and meet them again after to weeks to evaluate the results and do the plenary.
For other YiA Actions: we recommend to organize a 1-full day activity organized like a classic treasure hunt where participants can work in small groups, fullfiling all the tasks on the YouthGame task Form. After the game, the plenary remains necessary for reflection.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Emiliano Bon (Associazione Xena) & Natalia Peris

The tool has been experimented in

This tool was experimented during the last 2 years with several groups of EVS volunteers hosted in Padova by Xena in long term and short term projects, with positive results. So far it was not experimented by us in other YiA actions.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Emiliano Bon (on 8 July 2013)

and last modified

5 June 2013

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