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Boardgame, Info session

youth in action poker

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Start to reflect about the possibilities which youth in acton brings for your target group...

Aims of the tool

- to open discussion about YIA
- to reflect about the possibilities for your target group in YIA
-to share knowledge and experience in YIA

Description of the tool

First decide which color is which question paper.
Then each player receives ten 5 red and 5 black cards. – The value on the card is not important… only the color.
RED = lie
Black = Truth
The first person on the left side of the facilitator starts, then next person ( following each time the left side of thrower…

Person throws two dices ( different colors) – and checks what kind of question ( see attachment) on what kind of action he/she has to answer.
This person puts one card in front of him ( not shown to the others) – this will be the check if the story was true or a lie… Red = lie black = true
Then this person tells his story ( max 1 minute), after the story each other player decides either it was a lie or true, by putting one of the own cards in front of him , when they guessed right : the card goes to the facilitator”, and the player receives a candy...
when the player it is not right (guessed wrong) , you keep your card and no candy
( Each player only has 10 cards ( 5 red and five black) – values are not important)
When your cards are gone you can buy a card from the others ( with candy...)
When everybody is wrong then the story teller receives also a candy- otherwise not...
The idea is to get rid of your cards and to collect candy’s ( and to have reflection on the YIA)

Materials needed:
- Candy’s
- Cards ( 5red +5 black) for each player
- Two dices ( different colors)
- Two pages with questions ( see attachment - off course the questions can be adapted... according the topic)

Available downloads:


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SALTO cannot be held responsible for the inappropriate use of these training tools. Always adapt training tools to your aims, context, target group and to your own skills! These tools have been used in a variety of formats and situations. Please notify SALTO should you know about the origin of or copyright on this tool.

Tool overview

This tool is for

for youth workers, who wish to open discussion about YIA and to share experience about YIA...

and addresses

YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme

Materials needed:

Materials needed:
- Candy’s
- Cards ( 5red +5 black) for each player
- Two dices ( different colors)
- Two pages with questions


about 1 hour

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Henk Persyn

in the context of

Henk Persyn

The tool has been experimented in

Tool was used in "Competences for all" TC (Antwerp - May 2011 and also in "Value the difference - identity" in Strasbourg -November 2011 ( SALTO Inclusion and SALTO cultural diversity TC's)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Henk Persyn (on 28 November 2011)

and last modified

8 November 2011

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