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YOU4MI - Youth Cooperation for Migrants Integration

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The YOU4MI toolbox gives the opportunity to support the development of a network between locals and newcomers: young people getting to know themselves, each other, and the country they live in in a peer-to-peer-approach. Have a look!

Aims of the tool

The aim of this project is the integration of young migrants in Europe, following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Due to the crises that many young people live in their countries of origin (economic, wars, political conflicts, etc.), many of them are looking for a way out to start a better life. With the project we want to facilitate the way for these newcomers to a country, so that they can be helped by the locals, thus supporting a peer-to-peer methodology. The facilitator will bring together a number of young migrants, p.e. refugees, and a number of local young people so that they can train them in different subjects, and so that they can enrich each other.

Description of the tool

Building a group amongst the main target groups is fundamental for the creation of a training programme for young migrants to be disseminated to different refugees centres and organisations in order to attract their attention and their willingness to get to know and collaborate with local youngsters.

The innovative perspective is to educate and train young people from the majority for intercultural encounters with minority youth as peers and thus to actively participate in a process of mutual integration as peers in a common learning process.

The peer-to-peer programme to facilitate the networking between the two groups is the main goal of this toolbox.
A common network is to be created between all participants, making it easier for them to connect with each other thanks to the practical activities they choose to carry out together.

You are invited to download the materials in English and German, just download the YOU4MI linkfile to access the files on the onedrive.


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Tool overview

YOU4MI - Youth Cooperation for Migrants Integration

This tool is for

– Local young people – Young migrants as newcomers to a country, coming from ethnic minorities and in difficult situations – Youth and social workers – Educational organisations – Local politicians

and addresses

Youth Initiatives, YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Networking and Follow-up, Intercultural Learning, European Citizenship

Materials needed:

The toolbox materials are available from They are open source and touch various topics on self-development, society and traditions, as well as leisure activities that can be fun for young people getting to know each other and discovering their town and country.

The links for this tool are in the description of its modules. The download of the OER resource is available in English and German.


The idea of this tool is to help the young people develop and stabilize a network of mutual support in everyday life and for positive leisure time activities. Initially the groups should meet from around one hour to four with support in regularly meeting over a period of time, interacting and getting to know each other until a network on social media has been formed.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

YOU4MI partnership, OER materials CC BY SA

in the context of

YOU4MI Erasmus+ Project 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-00028798

The tool has been experimented in

Piloting in the project in the partner countries of Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Malta, and Germany..

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Daphne John (on 28 March 2024)

and last modified

9 January 2024

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