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Yin-yang of online and offline activities for youth

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The manual provides a comprehensive collection of digital tools and live activities designed for use in youth work. These tools and activities are aimed at engaging and empowering young people in various educational, social, and developmental contexts.

Aims of the tool

Despite the fact that technology is constantly evolving and it is important that young people, like everyone else, adapt to new trends and develop their digital skills, we must still be aware of the dangers of acting in a purely digital world. The aim of this tool is to increase the awareness of experts about the importance of creating a yin-yang, a balance of online and offline activities for young people,
and to offer them a collection of digital tools and live activities designed for use in youth work

Description of the tool

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of technology in youth work has become both a blessing and a challenge. As youth workers, it is essential to recognize the significance of striking a digital balance, ensuring that the use of technology remains a means to empower and engage young minds, rather than overwhelming them. This comprehensive tool seeks to equip both youth workers and participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the digital realm responsibly while maximizing its potential for learning and growth.

This tool emphasizes mindful technology use, showcasing examples of digital tools that can be used in youth work such as Canva, Anchor, Pixlr, and DaVinci Resolve, promoting creativity and effective communication.

Additionally, the tool highlights the value of in-person activities like escape rooms, debates, race challenges, and trivia, fostering teamwork and critical thinking.

Readers can also explore the enriching opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme, promoting intercultural understanding and personal growth.

Objectives are:
- increased awareness of the importance of having balanced youth work when it comes to online and offline activities;
- developed skills and attitudes related to the use of new digital tools in a way of having them only as complementary activities to the person-to-person activities within the area of local/national and international youth work;
- concrete (hard) skills in the use of specific media tools;
- having examples for in-persona activities for youth;
- improved motivation to be an active yet considerate user of media tools.


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Tool overview

Yin-yang of online and offline activities for youth

This tool addresses

Youth Initiatives

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Training and Networking

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Training course: Digital yin-yang in youth work

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Katarina Habek (on 15 August 2023)

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19 July 2023

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