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This is a report of the Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges Project implemented in Sanliurfa. Sanliurfa hosts about half million refugees and most of them are children. With this Project we wanted to create awareness of the social inclusion of refugee children.

Aims of the tool

As a youth group we run this project to create awareness on the importance equality of the children with fewer opportunities. There were many activities on the theme using non-formal learning methods. We also visited Syrian refugee families with children and listened to their stories. In our activities we wanted to look from same window and draw attention to inequalities of opportunity in the societies that we live in.

We believe this project made a significant contribution to the socialization and integration that we need the most. This will help us to cultuvate the culture of living together. We believe we can benefit each other and contribute a lot as a result of our differing experiences as countries. By strengthening the connection between us, we will be able to have a more detailed and intimate understanding of the problems affecting our countries. We also believe we can develop and increase the level of cross-cultural communication to live in a better world for the honour of humanity.

Description of the tool

There are some attitudes and skills to make cultural adjustments and cultural interactions that we have applied in the project. These attitudes have three dimensions, which are openness, acceptance, and trust. Practicing these attitudes gave us a big advantage in building wonderful relationships in one’s new cultural venture and enriched our lives. These are the attitudes that we need to adopt as we approach another culture. They get us started in the right direction and help us stay on the right track towards building positive connections with people who are different. So, in short, I say, “Engage, Learn, Love”… As seen at the topic of this article, a Chinese proverb, with this project we did and we understood. In this special magazine we will witness the success of the project. I hope this kind of projects will continue and foster greater future improvements on strengthening cross-cultural connections, embracing the differences, living in peace with social inclusion and solidarity in the countries involved in this project in particular and the globe in general.

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Tool overview

This tool addresses

Social Inclusion, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Future and Children Youth Group of Turkey, NGO "Veikiam.Lt" of Lithuania, Associacao Juvenil De Deao of Portugal and Horizon Humanitarian of Turkey.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Hakan Gulerce (on 14 July 2020)

and last modified

9 February 2020

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