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Group Building Activity

Worshop: editing a guide book

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The workshop allows the participants to plan, write and treat the graphics of a guide book about the project themes and results. It represents their active involvement in the dissemination process and a tool to browse the entire project.

Aims of the tool

- involve all the participants in the creation of a book on the project theme
- review the entire learning process of the training course
- allow the participants to learn how to edit a guide book in terms of structure and contents
- stimulate the active participation of each participant through the task division
- stimulate the cooperation among the participants
- stimulate the participants to make their competences avalaible to the group
- make the participants protagonosts of the dissemination process

Description of the tool

This activity should be implemented during the last day of the training course/seminar/ youth initiative.
The youth trainer should prepare an empty scheme on the flipchart with the three parts of the book: FRONT COVER, BACK COVER, INDEX. After a short explenation of the aims and meanig of the Guide Book, you should stimulate the participants to find the content of each part of the book through a brain-storming, for example as regards the FRONT COVER, it could contain the project logo, the title of the book, an immage, the BACK COVER could contain the names of the organizations involved, a group photo, the YiA logo, the INDEX should contain all the relevant themes discussed during the project, reports from the participants... Anyway the participants always have creative and new ideas, let them free to find out, discuss and agree the content and the graphics of each part of the book!
After this you should invite the participants to create some working groups, eachone with the aim to perform a specific task, in relation to their interests and abilities: a group for the creation of the cover and a group for each item contained in the index.
The participants will have one hour and half to prepare the content of the book, than the results of the group work will be collected and ... after the typesetting (that should be made at a later time by the trainer or an expert), the book will be ready for the publication!


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Tool overview

Worshop: editing a guide book

This tool addresses

Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Action 1.2 (Youth Initiatives)
Action 4.3 (Training and Networking)

Materials needed:

- flipchart
- some personal computers (one for each group of participants and one of it with a graphics program, if possible)
- photoes and material used during the training at the participants disposal


2 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Associazione Uniamoci Onlus

in the context of

the seminar European...Inclusion (YiA 4.3)

The tool has been experimented in


The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Davide Di Pasquale (on 8 July 2013)

and last modified

14 June 2013

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