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Group Division

What's the matter with EU?

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This is an exercise created to make people understand which social issue they would like to work on while in a group with others. It encourages the exchange of opinions and makes youngsters understand the importance of SDGs.

Aims of the tool

- Develop critical thinking;
- Encourage the exchange of ideas between people with the different cultural backgrounds;
- Help to find common topics to work on;
- Promotion of European values;
- Encouraging the use of data while approaching a new theme;
- Supporting "out of the box" thinking
- Thinking and rethinking one's priorities;

Description of the tool

This activity aims at creating groups, consisting of 6 people each, that will work daily on one of the social issues. Before the formation of the groups, some posters with macro themes will be hung on a wall with suggestions (ex. gender equality, domestic violence, climate change, racism, etc...). Also, the 17 SDGs will be put on a wall. Every person interested in that topic will gather under the poster. The trainer will guarantee the multicultural composition of each group, intervening to assure a well-balanced environment. For each one of them, max 2 people of the same nationality can be involved. In every group, there must be at least one computer and the gender balance should be respected. After the group is formed, the participants will be invited to discuss the topic chosen and make some basic research on it, in order to decide on which aspect of it they want to focus their attention on and link it to one or more SDGs. Finally, each group will present to the others its topic, why, and what they found out about it from quick research. The presentation could be through slides, writing on a poster or even with a play. There is only one creative!


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Every group of people that are willing to work on social issues.

and addresses

European Citizenship

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Materials needed:

Posters, PC (optional), pen, pencils, paint. Whatever object can be found in a room or outside.


M ore or less 1h and 30min.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Francesco Tomasello and Pablo Avilés

in the context of

Youth Exchanges

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Francesco Tomasello (on 20 October 2022)

and last modified

8 April 2022

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