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Video Collage. The importance of the perspectives.

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The "Video Collage. The importance of the perspectives" is an activity that mainly targets and challenges perspectives we have on certain topics, even the most common ones. It helps to develop empathy with some other ways to understand reality.

Aims of the tool

- Promoted creativity;
- Narrate part of the stories using partial information;
- Showing different perspectives (part of the story of each group);
- Understand the logic behind someone's ideas.
- Develop empathy with someone's perspective;
- Acceptance of different ideas on certain themes/topics

Description of the tool

- Each group will be asked to find a location to shoot three different videos;
- the length of each video should be up to 15-30 seconds;
- Groups should not interact with each other.
- Be creative during the shootings! Act, direct and use your imagination.

Each group needs to film 3 parts of completely different stories decided previously by the trainer (ex. someone just woke up; feeling during winter; sprinter during a photo finish).
The stories filmed must be part of a bigger picture. So, if group n.1 is asked to film someone that is just waking up, group n.2 will be asked to film someone brushing his/her teeth, and group n.3 someones going to sleep, etc... The number of the parts of the stories depends on how many groups are doing the activities.
Ex. for 4 groups we will have 3 completely different stories to film and the total number of the parts of the final story will be four.
At the end of the first part of the activity (around 30-40 min), each group will be asked to send the videos to the trainer. The trainer will finally edit those videos and put together the missing parts of each story. In the last part of the activity, the trainer will show the final product (the collage) and the participants will have a discussion about it.


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Groups. Especially youngsters.

and addresses

European Citizenship

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Materials needed:

Camera, imagination, all the objects people need to deliver the parts of the final product.


1h and 30 min.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Francesco Tomasello and Pablo Avilés

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Francesco Tomasello (on 22 September 2022)

and last modified

11 April 2022

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