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Simulation Exercise, Report

Twist and shape yourself: Competences assessment methodology applied to EVS training and evaluation

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Public report of the TC on Competences Assessment Methodology applied to EVS training and evaluation cycle

Aims of the tool

To provide EVS support people (mentors, coordinators of the hosting and/or sending organization) with explanation and example concerning the application of Competences assessment methodology within EVS.

Description of the tool

This methodology has the aim of identifying, assessing and recognising capacities, skills, abilities and knowledge that we acquired through life experiences.
In the youth work field it is important to validate the learning process, recognizing how it was acquired and which competences have been developed; in particular because unfortunately not always non formal education certifications are recognized outside of this sector.
We believe that this method is particularly suitable for helping EVS volunteers believe and give the proper value to non formal competences acquired during EVS, and support them in the preparation of Youthpass.
The main propose is to involve EVS volunteers in a path that lead them to a renewed awareness of their competences: the volunteers can take time for themselves and share ideas, goals and ways to learn so to have a general overview of their life and start the EVS more aware of themselves and of their capabilities.
The whole approach is based on simple methodologies and concepts that must be shared to help volunteers during their EVS experience.


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Tool overview

Twist and shape yourself: Competences assessment methodology applied to EVS training and evaluation

This tool addresses

Voluntary Service, Personal Development, Evaluation

It is recommended for use in:

European Voluntary Service

Materials needed:

Colors, papers, pictures from participants, scissors, glue


It is made of several steps, according to number of pax each step can last from 1 to 3-4 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

P.E.CO. - Progetti Europei di Cooperazione

in the context of

KA1 Project "Twist and Shape Yourself"

The tool has been experimented in

EVS coordination and Training course

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Federico Pozzoni (on 25 July 2018)

and last modified

30 March 2017

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