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Toolkits on escape boxes about social issues

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You can find 4 toolkits on creating educational escape boxes on 4 different issues - domestic violence, minorities, the life of people with disabilities and LGBTQI+. Toolkits contain all necessary information - story, puzzles, pictures.

Aims of the tool

The aim of this tool is to provide an opportunity for youth workers, NGO workers, and educators to create educational escape boxes. Toolkits have all the needed information for the creation of escape boxes.

Description of the tool

Dear youth worker, educator and colleague!

This Toolbox is a practical guide explaining step by step how to build your escape box on the topics of domestic violence, minorities, the life of people with disabilities and LGBTQI+.

It is a result of the intellectual work of youth workers from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. This toolbox was developed within the "Unbox Inclusion" project which was funded by the Visegrad fund and implemented by Logos NGO.

Escape rooms are live-action, team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more spaces (rooms) to achieve a specific goal (usually escaping from the room) in a limited amount of time.

But why use them for educational purposes? One of the most common reasons is that today teachers and youth workers face difficulty attracting and retaining young people’s attention. Educators are always searching for new tools, and escape rooms can be a good solution.
We hope you will work with it and learn a lot!


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Tool overview

Toolkits on escape boxes about social issues

This tool is for

- Youth workers - NGO workers - Teachers - Social workers - Educators

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability, Gender issues

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

To build the escape boxes, you will need to buy some equipment - a backpack, boxes, locks, etc. It should cost much and can be made even with tiny budget


A game usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, with additional several minutes for preparation.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Logos NGO, Karolina Kierenkiewicz, Viktoriia Nuzhdova, Emir Shevkiiev

in the context of

Training course "Unbox Inclusion"

The tool has been experimented in

Open event for 40+ guests

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Emir Shevkiiev (on 3 January 2023)

and last modified

20 December 2022

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