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Toolbox for youth workers to build resilience of young people against Hate Speech

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This outcome is a Toolbox for youth workers realised in the Project Erasmus+ KA2 "RAISE!" to build resilience of young people against Hate Speech.

Aims of the tool

Raise! Toolbox for youth workers to build
resilience of young people against hate speech has the aim:
- to provide professionals working with young people, including those from minority groups and with fewer opportunities, with collected resources and material for inclusive, diverse and equal youth work
- to empower youth workers to include intercultural learning and diversity component in their daily work to provide youth with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote peace, intercultural dialog, against hate speech, discrimination and violence
- to contribute to prevent hate speech by focusing on developing critical thinking of young people and by creating safe spaces where youth can express their fears and their doubts
- to allow youth workers to explore and integrate different innovative and creative approach, tools, methods and resources in their work with and for young people for promotion, education and practices of inclusive learning

Description of the tool

The Toolbox is constituted of different and complementary elements:
- Values, beliefs, and emotional competences of professionals working in the field of youth
- Non-formal learning - principles and settings
- Equality and diversity in the youth sector
- Practical exercise that youth workers to build the resilience of young poeple
- Links to multimedia resources
- Different contexts & issues: racism, homophobia, body-shaming, religion intolerance, diversity, gender, ethnicity and politics

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Tool overview

Toolbox for youth workers to build resilience of young people against Hate Speech

This tool addresses

Social Inclusion

It is recommended for use in:

Strategic Partnerships

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

This report was developed by the partnership of the Erasmus + Raising Awareness for Inclusive Societies Expression - RAISE! - 2019-1-FR02-KA205-015865, under the leadership of MEH.

in the context of

Project Erasmus+ KA Youth 2 0 1 9 - 1 - F R 0 2 - KA 2 0 5 - 0 1 5 8 6 5

The tool has been experimented in


The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Romuald Dzomo Nkongo (on 4 May 2022)

and last modified

14 April 2022

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