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Tips of Effective Transmission

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Making a speech is very stressful, especially when we have to talk in front of a big crowd of people that we are not familiar with. Here you can find the basis of effective orator's talk. This tool will help you when you prepare a public speech.

Aims of the tool

Here you can find the tips of effective communicator. You will have some information on:

- why people need to talk and terminology of communication
- listening actively
- conveying the message
- preparing a speech
- environment of the speech
- visual aids of the speech
- dos and don'ts in speech

Description of the tool

Language is the main element to convey messages. According to some scholars, it is a socially learned tool of communication. People express their ideas, feelings, plans, needs, etc. through the language. Even though every human has ability to speak and understand the language, there still might be conflicts, misunderstandings and disagreements. Due to the fact that language has been evolved for thousands of years, we still can improve our linguistic skills. People sometimes need to achieve their goals by speaking effectively in front of the public, audience, boss, colleagues, partners, teachers, students, friends or even the people who we would like to attract. Before we start speaking, do we have an idea how the society sees us? Are we aware of our identities? Or do we know to whom we are speaking? “Effective Transmission” training course helps to reveal the needs of the participants in public speaking and reinforce their speaking skills in both ordinary situations and situations with barriers. Therefore, participants overcome communication blocks in the intercultural context. It also gives an opportunity to the participants to plan a lecture and practice some performance skills.

This handout "Tips for Effective Transmission" is produced for the participants of the training course "Effective Transmission" and the people who need some oratorical competences as a reference to prepare a public speaking.


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Tool overview

Tips of Effective Transmission

This tool addresses

YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Intercultural Learning, Personal Development, Youth Democracy projects, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Action 1.3 (Youth democracy projects)
Action 5.1 (Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy)

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

"Effective Transmission" Youth in Action 3.1 Training Course

The tool has been experimented in

This tool was edited by Irem Ebru Kuru, to be used by the participants of Youth in Action 3.1 training course "Effective Transmission" and the people who need some tips before they make a publich speech.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Irem Ebru Kuru (on 30 January 2013)

and last modified

9 December 2012

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