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The Rural-Urban Youth Handbook for Collective and Green Entrepreneurship

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"The Rural-Urban Youth Handbook for Collective and Green Entrepreneurship" is the primary result of the YURI project. It addresses climate action, social economy, and youth inclusion with a hands-on practical approach.

Aims of the tool

The objective of the YURI handbook is to promote inclusion and diversity, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, and climate action, by providing young people and youth workers with the resources and inspiration to:
- Critically address belief systems, prejudices and stereotypes regarding rural and urban settings, identity, climate and collective action, among other relevant categories that affect the way young people see themselves in relation to their professional projects, their communities and to the environment.
- Promote the development of the necessary competences and social-emotional skills to successfully engage in collective green social entrepreneurship projects taking into account the importance of urban-rural interconnectedness, the potentiality of digital contexts to breech distances, and the know-how to search for and identify the necessary resources to support entrepreneurial initiatives.
- Foster advocacy, exchange and mutual learning among young people, youth workers, and organisations, and generate fertile ground for dialogue with policymakers at local, regional and European levels, to share, debate and find common alternatives to the current climate crisis from a perspective of youth collective entrepreneurship.

Description of the tool

The project "YURI - Intercultural urban-rural youth dialogues for collective entrepreneurship” is an 18-month Erasmus+ strategic partnership in the field of youth involving seven organisations in six countries: CEPAIM (Spain), CESIE (Italy), Élan Interculturel (France), KMOP Policy Center (Belgium), La Xixa (Spain), Xwhy / Agency of Understanding (Lithuania) and YEU Cyprus (Cyprus).

"The Rural-Urban Youth Handbook for Green Entrepreneurship" was born as a result of this collaboration. It includes the results of the desk research, study of cases/best practices, and interviews conducted by the YURI partner organisations. The learning path and activities aim to create a dialogue between rural and urban youth and for competence development of collective, green, social entrepreneurs that were tested by the partners during their pilot training. Additionally, it provides an overview of support policy, funding, and social entrepreneurship support institutions at local, national, and European levels. It also lists the digital tools available for young people who wish to start a green, social, and collective initiative and concludes with a series of policy recommendations.

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Download the Handbook:


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Tool overview

The Rural-Urban Youth Handbook for Collective and Green Entrepreneurship

This tool is for

The handbook is aimed at young individuals from both urban and rural settings, youth workers, organizations, and policymakers in the fields of youth, sustainability, environment, social economy, and climate. It's designed for broad usability. Anyone can reference its contents and activities, tailoring them to specific needs or drawing inspiration to develop new initiatives.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Group Dynamics, Youth Initiatives, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Transnational Youth Initiatives
Strategic Partnerships

Materials needed:


Behind the tool

The tool was created by

CEPAIM (Spain), CESIE (Italy), Élan Interculturel (France), KMOP Policy Center (Belgium), La Xixa (Spain), Xwhy / Agency of Understanding (Lithuania) and YEU Cyprus (Cyprus).

in the context of

Project "YURI - Intercultural urban-rural youth dialogues for collective entrepreneurship” Project nº 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029041

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Irantzu Casajus (on 21 February 2024)

and last modified

18 February 2024

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