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Exercise, Group Building Activity

Soundscape Urban Expedition

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Soundscape brings you to the urban sound of a city. Chill and experience the effects of everyday rhythm, through interactive city expedition while discovering a completely different side of urban environment.

Aims of the tool

To connect youth, mentor or a group of individuals through collaborative and interactive maze.
To allow reflection of different types of sound art and nature which exist within the city.
To provide opportunity for individual and group ingenuity.
To enjoy themselves and interact with the city, to socialize through creative and flexible process.

Description of the tool

This urban expedition was designed and implemented specifically in the urban environment of Weimar and focused on music and sounds. Different locations, tasks and activities can be easily adapted and remixed for any of the city or town.

This urban expedition was created using Actionbound mobile application ( and included the following creative tasks and locations:

1. Visit the music School. What is the story of doors for the school. List 5 compositors available around the library.
2. Window piano. Discover and share information about this special place.
3. Find benches. What do you think are advantages of Bauhaus house?
4. Sun clock. Identify what's the current time? Using the sun, take a picture and record the sound of innocence.
5. Go to the Heritage House Horn - share Bauhaus reflection in guest book, take a picture of the writing of the book.
6. Climb the hill. Record the sound of a group running down the hill.
7. Find the summer house of Goethe. Collect interesting information about Goethe's life. How many windows there are? Record a song about the bridge.
8. Walk on the bridge. Sing a song while all the group crossing the bridge using only 3 legs. Record the water sound.
9. Find Ginka trees in the city. Find out about the Ginka trees and Weimar.
10. Find a music school. Record sound within the school.
11. "Catch" the elephant. Find out about the famous people who stayed there and how much does a a cocktail cost there.
12. Walk to the promenade. Ask at least 3 different people for their last song that they listened to. Listen to them.
13. Go to the weather station. What is the current pressure and temperature. Take a picture
14. Gt to the Goethe platz. Perform a self choreographed dance according the one of the songs in front of non-existent statue.

Instructions for the participants:
Download Actionbound application. Scan the code of the bound, download bound tasks, enable gps, follow the instructions.

Document the process by:
- Taking pictures, recording videos and sound,
- Writing reflection
- Collecting information
- Interacting with people and public

Questions for debriefing:
- What different sound / rhythm did you experience from beginning to the end?
- Why did you like particular sounds?
- How does sound effect your everyday life?
- How was the process and experience of this day?

Video from the activity in action:


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Youth/adults Group size: 3-7

and addresses

Intercultural Learning, Peer education, Youth Participation, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

2 smart phones, imagination, external battery pack (preferred), pen and pencil, paper to record the experiences in tangible method for reflection through out the process. Perhaps use Magisto to consolidate digital output.


1,5- 2,5 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Grisha Grigoriev (, Luzile Satur (, Andreia Natalia Constantinescu (, Batuhan Akkaya (, Zan Dolinar (

in the context of

Training Course "EXPEDITION" – Designing adventures in urban environments for youth

The tool has been experimented in

Training course

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nerijus Kriauciunas (on 10 October 2016)

and last modified

29 September 2016

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