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Social and Cultural Puzzle (SCULP) - Intercultural Guide

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This guide can be used as an introduction to the idea of “interculturality” - to highlight visible differences and uniqueness of cultures, but at the same time deep similarities and intercultural unity, based on the same core humanistic values.

Aims of the tool

This guide was created:
- As a tool and a guide into the intercultural learning and the idea of "interculturality" as the similarity and intercultural unity, based on the same core humanistic values;
- As a role-play multicultural digest, which is useful in any ethnically diverse group to enhance the level of tolerance and break cultural and national stereotypes;
- As a report to disseminate the E+ Youth Exchange project results.

Description of the tool

A puzzle is not only a game, but also one of the best learning experiences. In each puzzle there are at least two stories: one is the image it depicts, and one is the experience of the puzzle itself. The Social and Cultural Puzzle Guide aimed at bringing together young people from different countries and offering them the opportunity of solving together the huge puzzle that constitutes culture and interculturality. We presume that each country`s culture has four building blocks: rituals, fairytales, language and games. With these four, the possibilities to play and explore are infinite!

This Guide is a live visible evidence to highlight the core values of humanity, how they evolved in different parts of the world, and where can they take us further in the future. Rituals and fairytales incorporate the wisdom each culture developed over centuries, while games and languages are fluid and alive phenomena, which show us our recent past and how things are to this day.

All these are gateways for understanding the influence that culture has on each personality and for finding out what can be done to overcome cultural differences. Every person is unique and so is every country, but we are all part of the same beautiful puzzle!

We believe that you can find your own unique way to exploit this Guide and make the best out of it!

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Tool overview

Social and Cultural Puzzle (SCULP) - Intercultural Guide

This tool addresses

Social Inclusion, Intercultural Learning, Peer education, Evaluation, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

The tool was created by participants of the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Social and Cultural Puzzle" 28 April - 7 May 2023 in Georgia, Gonio

in the context of

The tool was created by participants of the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Social and Cultural Puzzle" 28 April - 7 May 2023 in Georgia, Gonio

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Vladimir Kozachun

and last modified

16 May 2023

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