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Simulation Exercise

Simulation Game: "Europe under construction"

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This simulation game aims to encourage participants to political participation, it should wake interest in European topics and encourage participants to build their own version of Europa.

Aims of the tool

- political education
- understanding of the importance of a united Europe
- offer the possibility to think a new version of Europe
- encourage participation

Description of the tool

This simulation game was used in the youth exchange "Europe under construction".
It is based on a political simulation game, but was adapted to a European context. The idea was to kindle the European flame again - participants should become enthusiastic about Europe again.

The game consists of three parts, they can also be played individually:

1. Part: Europe under construction in governmental types: (Duration: 1 day)
This part is the actual simulation game, where the youngsters also assume a role and have to follow the game rules. The EU has had enough of separatistic tendencies, about member states not respecting the basic values, about not contributing to the idea of Europe anymore. Therefore they publish a call: states can hand in their new idea of Europe, at the end of the day, the public will decide in a election, which new Europe they want to live in and this idea is then realised.
The participants are divided into four types of government (democracy, socialist, dictatorial, monarchist) and have to devise a new Europe according to their governmental types. The process is accompanied by the EU Press, who might want to influence the outcome of the final election. Throughout this part, the youngsters face different challnges and at the end they present their version of Europe. All participants, helpers, everyone included in the youth exchange can then give their vote. The first part ends with this election and a thorough evaluation.

2. part: Europe under construction: Utopia (1 day)
After the participants experienced how difficult it is to create a new Europe when you have to take your own government, values and people into account and how difficult it is to reach an agreement, they are now free of all bonds. In this part, they create their own version of Europe, they think about how politics, social system, education, environment and travelling etc. should be organized in their ideal version of Europe. They agree on their Utopia as a group, they decide on a name and on a flag. And then this Utopia should be build (we used pavillions/ gazebos in the gym and loads of cardboard, costumes, theatre, colours, everything big). The goal of this part is to walk the streets of Utopia in the evening.

3. part: Europe under Construction: Utopia and reality (3 - 5 hours).
We want to come back to reality in this part. The participants should look at Europe as it is and at their utopia, they should start finding similarities and differences. And then they should make resolutions: what can they do in their home countries to move further towards Utopia, how could Utopia become reality? This resolutions should be easy to inclue in everyday life, so that the youngsters really can contribute to a more Utopian Europe.

This description gives an overview of the simulation game, if you are interested in details, if you want to play the game with your group, if you need material, please send a mail to We are happy to share all material and experience we made.


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Tool overview

Simulation Game: "Europe under construction"

This tool is for

young people between 14 - 18. We played with a group of 44 youngsters, but the group can be smaller or bigger. This game could however also be played by young adults or adults. The game is played in English, however, it is not necessary to speak perfect English, normal school English is enough. Political knowledge or a certain education is not necessary.

and addresses

European Citizenship, Youth Democracy projects, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Materials needed:

Handouts, work sheets, costumes, colours, building materials.... Depending on how many parts you would like to play.


Altogether we played for two and a half days, this gave the game enough space to develop. If you play only one part, then of course shorter.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

aha - Tipps & Infos für junge Leute, Ravensburg

The tool has been experimented in

Youth Exchange

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Doris Hofer (on 24 July 2018)

and last modified

10 January 2018

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