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Sign Language Boardgame

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This game can be used in two variations:
- a boardgame,
- a memory card-game.
The game aims at facilitating the integration between "deaf" and "hearing" young people and transfers the knowledge and skills about the international sign language.

Aims of the tool

- learn sign language in the first variation of the game,
- enhance memory in the second variation of the game,
- getting to know each other (breaking ice),
- enhancing the integration between "hearing" and "deaf" young people,
- having fun.

Description of the tool

Instruction how to play the games:

1st board game (2 - 4 people)
All players start the game from the place "START" on the board. They throw the dice and make steps in order to reach "FINISH" on board quicker than others. On the way the players will face tasks (to show the sign in sign language or level up - to explain the meaning of the pictures on the cards). If they are successful, they will throw the dice again, if not - the turn goes to the next player. On the board some steps have such tasks: to move several steps forward or back. The player who reach the FINISH first is the winner.

2nd "memory" game (2 - 8 people)
In this game there are 86 cards (each from 43 cards is doubled). One player mixes cards and put them on the table face down. First player starts to uncover cards. One time the player can uncover only 2 cards. If the pictures are the same on the uncovered cards, then the player will take those 2 cards and will keep them until the end of the game to calculate the results. And this player can open next 2 cards. If the pictures are different on the uncovered two cards, the first player will turn the cards back on the table "face down". And it means that the turn goes to the second player. The game finishes when the cards finish on the table. Then all players calculate the number of cards that they got after correct steps.

Have fun :)


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Tool overview

Sign Language Boardgame

This tool is for

Mixed ability groups of hearing and deaf young people (10-30 years old).

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability, European Citizenship

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

A3 paper, A4 paper, printer.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Both games were designed during the project "Peace by piece" in Zlocieniec, Poland (9-17.04.2018) by Erik and Misha (deaf participants), also with the help of sign language translator Nadya and the Ukrainian group leader Ira.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Foundation ChSCh (on 1 December 2019)

and last modified

22 August 2018

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