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Exercise, Group Building Activity


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This game is developed in frames of Game in Action project, in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. It is created for young people, to help them orient in their career planning.

Aims of the tool

To give overview of what kind of Future Professions there could be, stimulate imagination about profession orientation and skills required for that.

Description of the tool

The game create possibility to learn about future professions and competences needed for young people. This is a team game, based on pantomime, were the players win if they have managed to guess the words and professions.
It is a card game, consisting of 10 cards, with future professions. The card includes the description of the profession, 3 soft skills, 3 hard skills necessary to succeed in it.
1. The game is played by 2 teams of at least 3 players in each of them.
2. Each team selects a presenter, who will be showing and explaining with gestures the words from the cards and the other players have to guess them.
3. The presenter takes a card with a profession written on it from a deck. On the card there are:
a. Name of the profession
b. Sphere
c. 3 soft skills
d. 3 hard skills
4. The game consists of 4 rounds
• In the first round the presenter shows the sphere of work word. The team has one minute to guess the word. If the guess is correct, the team gets one point. If the team does not guess, the presenter reveals the word. The team does not get any point.
• The second round consists of 3 steps: The presenter shows the first word from the soft skills category. The team has 1 minute to guess. If the team guesses they get 1 point. If they do not guess, the word is revealed but the team gets no point. Then the other team gets it turn. Then the turn returns back to the first team. The presenter shows the second word from the “soft skills category”. The teams take turns, until all the words in the “soft skills” category are guessed.
• The third round is played the same way as the second round, but now the words from the “hard skills” category are shown.
• In the fourth round the presenter shows the name of the profession itself. During one minute the team is not allowed to voice their guesses, but have to write down 5 possible options for an answer. They have 2 minutes to do so.
• Then the team presents their options. If they guess from the first try, they get 5 point, if from the second, they get 4 point, and so on.

5. The team that gets most of the points during the game wins.

You can find a sample of 2 cards here, and invent your own cards by keeping in mind to include FUTURE PROFESSIONS with their own description

6.Do the debriefing after playing the game.

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Tool overview

This tool is for

Young people aged 14-20

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Peer education

Materials needed:

Cards describing Future Professions.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Hermine Papikyan (on 29 March 2022)

and last modified

2 February 2022

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