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SHANARANI Handbook for Youth Workers "Film & Acting" ENGLISH

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This handbook serves as training programme to support youth workers to lessen the gender pay gap by visualizing and discussing gender stereotyping in film and music, discussing the reproduction in daily life and the consequences in our personal life.

Aims of the tool

- To deliver background information for training
- To deliver a timeframe for a training
- To deliver a set of excersises and interventions with concrete explanation, timeframe and materials.

Description of the tool

This handbook works with the means of film, theatre and acting in order to show up the reproduction of stereotypes in those media on the one hand but also to show up opportunities of the method of acting /experience more individuality and new role models in our society.
The contents of the training programme are very practical and innovative and includes information on:
- How to adress the gender pay gap in youth work as a preventive stage to tackle sterotyping
- How to place gender roles as an asset in the learning, leadership and skill development process (change as opportunity)
- Activites to develop growth of mind-set
The handbook contains:
- background information for training
- a timeframe for a training
- a set of excersises and interventions with concrete explanation, timeframe and materials.
The innovative aspect is working on these issues by the methodology of acting and using films as examples to demonstrate stereotyping in order to involve young people and make them understand the strategy behind such reproduction of stereotyping in these media.

Overall objective of the Shanarani project: this project aims to develop innovative tools to combat gender stereotypes and inequalities among young people, training youth organizations in new approaches to support and strengthen their work with young people, improving their skills in the area of gender and equality, increasing the quality of the intervention with young people.
To achieve the project goals, we will produce the following results/ intellectual outcomes:
• Handbook for Trainers European Gender Facts
• Handbook for Youth Workers "Film & Acting"
• Handbook for Youth Workers "Music"
• Gamified Online Training Platform
• Implementation Manual Online Training Platform
Recommendation for further development/implementation

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

SHANARANI Handbook for Youth Workers "Film & Acting" ENGLISH

This tool is for

Staff, oprganisations and individuals working with young people who aim to improve their activities regarding gender issues and combating stereotypes, thus prepare youngsters to avoid stereotyping and to develop their own identidy for more equal opportunities of both genders.

and addresses

Gender issues

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

in the guide, depending on the exercises


Depending on the selected exercises

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Shanarani Consortium

in the context of

Erasmus+ KA2 Youth Project

The tool has been experimented in

Training & Piloting

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Angela Pittl (on 16 August 2019)

and last modified

30 April 2019

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