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Exercise, Video

Scenario Building

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1. To create a scenario for a video, a theatrical, a public event.
2. Increase the creativity of the participants
3. Let the participants express themselves through their favourite video.

Description of the tool

- Before the arrival of the participants you ask them to bring their favourite video. It can be in a CD, flash disk or online (if you have fast internet connection at the seminar place). You set as time limit 5 minutes per video and ask them to bring something that express their personality, mood or just what they like.
- You gather the videos from the day before and you copy them in your computer (so to avoid delays by changing CDs during the activity). In case of online videos is better to open the links half an hour before the activity starts so to be ready (loaded, buffered) to play.
- You are starting playing the videos. The participants know only that they are showing their favourite ones. A co-trainer or a participant has the task to write down the title and key words of the video (on a small paper).
- After projecting all videos you are placing the small papers with the titles and the description, in a box and you ask from a participant to pick by luck three papers. This is the first "scenario" and goes to the three (or more) first people sitting in the circle. You repeat this till you form the groups of three people having three videos (but not their own ones, hopefully). If not all of the participants bring their videos just separate the 3 videos to 4 or 5 people.
- Then you ask them to create a scenario idea coming out of the combination of these 3 videos they have. They have one hour to do it and at the end of it they have to present it to the others by a creative way.

With this tool you can build 1 or more scenarios by using a funny and amusing way. At the same time it the fast way and the outcomes are always surprisingly good. Also the participants are using this time to express their fillings, their beliefs, exchanging experiences and coming closer.
In case of EVS volunteers it can also be a nice tool at the beginning of their EVS so to start getting knowing each other and breaking the ice.


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Minimum 9 Maximum 20-30 participants

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Voluntary Service, YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme

Materials needed:

A PC or Laptop, a beamer, speakers, fast internet connection, papers, pens.


It depends of the size of the group (e.g. for 15 participants the duration is 3 hours).

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


(If you can claim authorship of this tool, please contact !)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Filaretos Vourkos (on 23 July 2008)

and last modified

17 December 2008

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