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Exercise, Manual

Scale of Reference for Participatory Citizenship Schools

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A assessment tool for schools that wish to understand the Participation Level of all school actors in the school learning, governance an relationship with the community. Available in English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Slovenian and Portuguese.

Aims of the tool

Promote active citizenship and democratic participation in schools

Description of the tool

Designed to be applied by secondary schools or equivalent (but can be adapted to different education levels) it promotes active citizenship by involving all relevant actors and stakeholders in the process.

It includes a participatory self-assessment activity involving all relevant school actors and the creation, together and with the support of school relevant stakeholders, of a school Strategic Plan with practical actions that help your school stay focused on their needs and increasing of participatory levels.

The tool divides the school universe in four dimensions and takes into account the four major school actors. It invites school community to rate the Participation Level of each actor in each of the 4 dimensions and to sum them up in order to find out the School's Participation Level!

How do you use it?

1. Download the booklet at
2. Read the instructions
3. Create a working group representing all school actors to work on this topic over the next school year(s)
4. Run the participation test (check out our activity proposal on next page)
5. Discuss and create actions to increase your participatory level
6. Check the results and find out your School's Participation Level
7. Set a Strategic Plan for Participation and implement it in your school
8. Celebrate and share your experience with others!

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

Scale of Reference for Participatory Citizenship Schools

This tool is for

Students, Teachers, Parents and Other school staff

and addresses

Evaluation, Youth Participation


1,5 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

ECOS- Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento CRL.

in the context of

Network of Democratic Citizenship Schools Project - ERASMUS+ strategic partnership in the filed of school education

The tool has been experimented in

School test activities developed in 3 school communities in Poland, Portugal and Slovenia

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Joana Franco (on 14 August 2018)

and last modified

2 November 2017

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