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"Sag was! Dis moi! Powiedz Coś!" - Language Animation

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The 1. handbook ever for multilingual language animation: Lowering fear of foreign languages, facilitating direct communication, conducting group dynamics, adding cultural skills and making international projects +accessible 4 youth/w less opportunities.

Aims of the tool

First handbook of methods for language animation that work in multilingual context. 36 tested methods. Introduction into language animation and special requirements in multilingual context.

Description of the tool

The handbook is the outcome of a research project of Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen (D), Gwennili (F) and Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży (PL). The aim was to gather experienced trainers and language animators to overcome the limitation of the method on only one foreign language.
The described methods are sufficient to cover a cycle of 3 times one week with 3 involved mother tongues and as well support the development of own methods. The handbook comes in 3 languages: German, French and Polish.


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Tool overview

"Sag was! Dis moi! Powiedz Coś!" - Language Animation

This tool is for

Youth-Exchanges, Trainings, works for others as well.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Group Dynamics, Intercultural Learning, Peer education, Evaluation

Materials needed:

Handbook, standard materials, special materials - depending on the chosen method.

The handbook comes as a three-lingual (D-F-PL) Version and you can get it for free (plus shipping costs): In Germany:, in France:, in Poland: and as well through the financiers of the project DFJW/OFAJ and DPJW/PNWM.


5 mins up to entire projects

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen (D), Gwennili (F) and Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży (PL)

in the context of

Developed within the laboratory on methods of three-lingual language animation.

The tool has been experimented in

Tested in various three- and four-national youth projects.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Eike Totter (on 21 May 2010)

and last modified

27 May 2010

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