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Energiser, Ice-breaker, Name Game/Get to know each other

Rhymed capitals

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A name game with the aim
to remember every member.

Aims of the tool

- To enhance the participants' creativity skills;
- To make sure the participants remember each other;
- To make the participants get to know each other in an innovative way;
- To build a "mythical" map of Europe.

Description of the tool

The participants are given 20 minutes to create a rhyme for their name and a story about their "country". Also, each of them needs to develop a symbol to associate with the rhyme and the story (for example, the name of a participant is Oleksandra, it rhymes with "salamandra", so the country is the name of salamadras and fire and a symbol/pictograph given to the tourist can be salamandra, fire or sun) and draw simple icons by the number of participants (30 icons - 30 participants; can be also developed and printed at home as homework).

The participants are separated in two groups:
- "Tourists"
- Countries/Capitals.

The tourists travel from "country" to "country" and listen to stories about the mythical geography made out of the participants' rhymed stories.

In the end of the cycle the tourists and capitals exchange places.

When all stories are heard, each participant needs to guess (remember) 2 to 5 random pictographs from those given to him(her)/from a pile.

(optional) After the name game the participants may build a "mythical/fairy-tale" map of Europe.

The developed personal icon may be later included in the badge of the participant.


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Tool overview

This tool addresses

Personal Development, European Citizenship

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Little pieces of paper by the number of participants, pens or pencils.


Around 90 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Oleksandra Bakun, Beatrice Silva

in the context of

A tool-developing session during a PBA "Let it realise" in Norway, 13-19th of October 2015

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Oleksandra Bakun (on 25 November 2015)

and last modified

24 October 2015

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