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Report SALTO TC "Inclusion and EVS"

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Provide trainers, youth workers, project managers and staff members with necessary guidelines and information for integrating young people with fewer opportunities in voluntary services

Description of the tool

* The report is divided in sections:
Part 1: framework report including profile of the course, the team and participants.
Part 2: Content report including definitions on exclusion, the YOUTH and the EVS programme, further exploration of sending and hosting issues and follow-up.
Part 3: Toolbox report, resuming all methods and methodologies used in the Training course.


  • The next step for SALTO should be the provision of inclusion training which directly involves ex-EVS volunteers who have taken part in group or individual projects, Short or Long Term, and who needed additional support (disadvantaged or disabled or both). EVS Hosting and/or Sending Organisations, like ourselves, need to modify their policies and practices after listening to and discussing ex-EVS volunteers' comments and criticisms.

    Unknown , 12 September 2003 17:25:02
  • Thank you for the comment - As you said, SALTO did involve ex-EVS volunteers in the TC Inclusion & EVS 2001 and about one third of the participants (or their organisations) had already experience or plans of hosting and sending. Most of the participants were youth workers working directly with young people with fewer opportunities.
    SALTO also involved participants and trainers with a disability in the TC Enable 2003, the SALTO TC Cultural Diversity had a ethnically diverse team and participant group, etc. and SALTO will continue to work with young people with fewer opportunities in its training courses (and not 'for' them).

    Unknown , 12 September 2003 17:35:30

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