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Ready for Dialogue, Ready for Positive Change - A guide to interreligious dialogue in youth work

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A guide to interreligious dialogue in youth work and beyond with toolbox of non-formal activities. More information on project website

Aims of the tool

By exploring traditions, we nurture heritage and by discovering new ways of expression, we delve deeper into the mystery of being human.

To explore we have to listen, to discover we have to be curious. To positively change we have to be open-minded. Wouldn’t you agree?

The main question is how can we guide youth towards dialogue, understanding and acceptance?

In our youth work we have discovered that non formal methods are most suitable for approaching sensitive topics. Through experiential learning and learning by doing, youth engage more and comprehend knowledge faster. We have decided to share knowledge not just to equip youth workers with non formal activities which foster acceptance and understanding of diversity among youth but also to enrich our practice by learning from our partners.

During the training course Ready for Dialogue, Ready for Positive Change youth workers contributed to developing a short guide and a toolbox with activities to foster quality interreligious dialogue.

Description of the tool

Better mutual understanding, intercultural and interreligious cooperation and effective combating of prejudice and stereotypes are necessary conditions for creating an inclusive and tolerant intercultural society. Youth work is essential for positive impact on individual and social change.

Essential quality needed to foster interreligious dialogue among youth is curiosity and openness to explore different realities and perspectives of various religions and cultures. To support dialogue of different opinions one needs knowledge, skills and tools. This is a path of continual growth of understanding that involves mutual learning. We hope this guide will serve you as an inspiration to foster dialogue among youth and beyond.


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Tool overview

Ready for Dialogue, Ready for Positive Change - A guide to interreligious dialogue in youth work

This tool addresses

Intercultural Learning, Conflict Management, Religion

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Udruga Prizma

in the context of

TC Ready for Dialogue, Ready for Positive Change

The tool has been experimented in

Training, Youth Exchange

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Silvestar Petrov (on 10 August 2018)

and last modified

19 February 2018

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