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Outdoor rural expedition 'Safety through fairy tales'

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This is a group activity in the nature using Geocaching technology, storytelling and problem solving tasks. This activity focus on addressing risks and safety topics through the wisdom found in the fairy tales.

Aims of the tool

To develop critical and logical thinking and learn how to work in a team to solve problems and overcome difficult situations.
To understand the safety measures through the advises, given in the traditional fairy tales.

Description of the tool

This is a group activity in the nature using Geocaching technology, storytelling and problem solving tasks. This activity focus on addressing risks and safety topics through the wisdom found in the fairy tales.

Specific objectives:
- Getting to know the nature
- Understanding the rules of behaving in nature
- How to be safe in a rural environment
- How to not scare animals and not destroy the natural balance of the environment

Participants use Geocaching devices to find specific locations to discover a character from a fairy tale to complete challenges and learn about risk and safety topics whilst being in nature.

"Hello! I am so glad to meet all of you.
Let's start with a little story. Have you ever heard of The Red Riding Hood? She went into the woods alone and met a big bad wolf. She was brave and fought the wolf away, but fortunately you won't need to do that.

The story of the Red Riding Hood warns us of the dangers of going into the woods alone. Fortunately, you have a company. Here I present to you the good fairy, your faithful companion fort his journey.
Are you ready to begin? Here are the coordinates to the first stop on your journey. (Then we explain the geocaching technology.)

2. WITCH (introducing the theme of dangers of being kidnapped). The witch jumps from behind the tree.

Hello! How are you doing on this lovely day? Good? OK. A little birdie told me you are going on an adventurous journey today. I have a question here for you, and if you answer correctly, I have with me the clue to help you get to the next step of your journey. Are you ready? Yes? OK. Choose your answer wisely, kids.

So imagine yourself on a bright sunny day. It is summer. You are happy because there is no school today and you are on a way to a friend's house. So you're walking around, all excited, everything seems fine.

And then a nice friendly man in a fancy suit comes and approaches you. He says "Hi, my name is Federico. I am new here. Can you show me where the post office is?"

You show him the post office and he is very grateful. He says he has some candy for you – you have been good and deserve a reward. He says he has some nice big chocolate with hazelnuts, but it is in his car. Luckily, the car is only 5 min away.

What do you do? Do you go with the nice man or tell him that you are expected at your friend's house and you can't make a stop?:

After the group responds their answer, the witch gives them the coordinates for the next stop.

"Good job! Now I will accompany you to your next step – these woods are dark and dangerous and no child should walk alone."

The witch also gives them the cards with the emergency numbers.

3. HANSEL & GRETEL (introducing the theme of drugs – how to avoid being drugged)

The geocash is a plate of candy left unsolicited. On top of the candy (cookies) there is a simple note, resembling the note from Alice in Wonderland: EAT ME. Everyone eats one cookie and when all the cookies are gone, the note under them is revealed. On the plate under the cookies there is a note with a warning about never taking a candy from a stranger, implemented into a Hansel and Gretel's story.

4. ROBIN HOOD (introducing the theme of lowering the risk of being injured in case of a robbery)

The geocash contains the note:

"So, you probably know the story of the ROBIN HOOD – heroic outlaw depicted in English folklore. He is said to have robbed from the rich and given to the poor.

Unfortunately most of the robbers will not be like Robin Hood, so I've prepared few tips for you on what to do, when you're in danger of being robbed.
First thing to remember is : HIDE WELL AND CALL FOR HELP! Emergency number is 112 (depends on the country). Be sneaky and quiet, try to barricade yourself in a safe place like the bathroom or basement.
If you have the chance go notify the neighbors.
Next one is DO NOT BE THE HERO. Its better to stay in hiding and be safe, than trying to fight the robbers!
Your safety and your life is worth more than money that you have on you.

5. THE LAKE (introducing the theme of safety & water)
One team member waits for the group at the lake, introduces the story of Ariel (the little mermaid) and explain all about safety in water and how to help a drowning person. He is dressed as a life guard. There is a prize at the end (cookies/something sweet).

Video from the Geocaching activities:


- firstly, asking participants about their feelings, what did they like the most, what they didn't like.
- then, asking them to give feedback on how the team can improve the expedition next time.

Recommendation based on the testing and debriefing results:
- place geocashes in places that has some challenge to find them, however consider the age and abilities of participants
- make sure participants know how to use geocaching devices. In case, they do not have relevant skills, help them with using devices by typing the coordinates and just invite to follow an arrow

This activity is based on the innovative method of Expedition. Complete description of this method is available from NGO 'Nectarus':


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Can be adapted to younger groups of participants

and addresses

Personal Development

Materials needed:

Geocaching devices, cookies, plate, paper, pen.

Here are some resources on Geocaching
101 Basics
10 Tips for Geocaching newbies:…/ten-tips-for-newbies-looking-…/
Eco-friendly geocaching:…/geocaching-in-harmony-with-na…/


2 hours implementation, 45 min. debriefing

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

A team of participants of the training course 'Learning on the move'

in the context of

International training course for youth leaders and youth workers

The tool has been experimented in

Training course

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nerijus Kriauciunas (on 14 August 2018)

and last modified

11 May 2018

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