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Exercise, Manual, Group Building Activity

Outdoor Academy - guidebook

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We are happy to present Outdoor Academy guidebook about outdoor education experience filled with practical instructions for outdoor activities. Guide created during TC “Personal development – connecting with nature” in Polish mountains in March 2015.

Aims of the tool

Aims of Outdoor Academy guidebook is to bring closer outdoor education idea and practical arrangement of outdoor activities.

Specific aims of outdoor education:
- Personal development and growth
- Sustainable impact
- Gaining new skills, attitudes, norms and values, knowledge & increasing self-esteem
- Better understanding of own behavior in relation to others
- Testing out own limits
- Better understanding of group dynamic, conflicts and relations
- Experiencing the connection between my acting and its consequences
- Forces participants to discover and use their strength and abilities

Description of the tool

Outdoor Academy guidebook is practical tool for those organizing or planning to organize outdoor activities for youngsters and adults.

Guidebook contain short introduction of outdoor education, it's fundamental aims and purposes, as well practical information about necessary preparation of outdoor activities, safety measures, needed equipment.

Following part of guide is filled with detailed and illustrated descriptions of outdoor exercises with different difficulty level and engagement of participants.

Last part contain evaluation and debriefing process of outdoor experience.

It's a first Edition of Outdoor Academy guidebook.
Second Edition will developed with new examples of exercises with additional video instructions.

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

Outdoor Academy - guidebook

This tool is for

Youth Workers Trainers Youth leaders Facilitators Group leaders Animators Teachers etc.

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Personal Development, Conflict Management, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

All needed materials are desribed regarding each activity.


Publication contain several activities, with various duration. Weekly training process may be based on described tools.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Foundation Institute of Animation and Social Development (redactor: Igor Lisin)

in the context of

outdoor training course within program Erasmus +: Youth

The tool has been experimented in

Training course "Personal Development - connecting with nautre"

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Igor Lisin (on 14 August 2015)

and last modified

7 August 2015

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