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OM Lounge (Organisations' Market Lounge)

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- To get familiar with the organisations that participants are coming from
- To share best practices

Description of the tool

The space should be prepared like the lounge bar: music, visuals, preferably some couches or soft chairs, candles.

The OM Lounge has the dress code: various clothes where the organisation is described.

Participants will prepare those clothes before the opening of Lounge bar. The following aspects of information were suggested to write on the clothes:
- Your name and name of organisation
- Main aim of organisation
- Target group that you are working with
- Your best practice example of working with youth from rural/remote areas
- Anything else, that could be important for others…

OM Lounge is also having it’s own dynamics: At first people walk in the space, looking to others’ “clothes”, then they could form a circle according to alphabet of organisations’ names and to make short round, saying just the name. After wards people could join to groups of two of three people (might be some criteria for joining, kind of “atoms & molecules”).
After few steps for increasing communication among each other, participants have free space to join any groups or couples and continue “OM Lounge” as long as they wish to.

The room, where the OM Lounge is taking place, could be several spaces: Lounge-Reading table, Lounge-Photo corner, Lounge-Video wall, where participants could share their publications, photos or videos from their organisations or projects.

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Tool overview

This tool is for


and addresses

Group Dynamics, Networking and Follow-up

Materials needed:

Some drinks and snack; drawing materials,big flipchart paper or brown packing paper, scissors (8pc.), masking tape, string (up to 30-50m.), sound equipment, ambient visuals (if projector will be available), lounge music


At least 60 min. for preparation and at least 60 min. for the OM Lounge, but it can take more time if participants are willing to continue.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


(If you can claim authorship of this tool, please contact !)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Laimonas Ragauskas (on 11 May 2007)

and last modified

17 December 2008

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