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Simulation Exercise, Manual

NLP Handbook for Youth Workers

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As you will discover in the Handbook,
we have put together simple techniques,
that can be used by anyone, without
having specialised knowledge of NLP or

Aims of the tool

The activities as you will see have been focused on non-formal education activities, the participants experiencing the NLP and Coaching methods themselves for maximising the learning and understanding of how those work. Activities varied from using forms of dancing, sound, mindfulness to applied NLP methods like Neurological Levels of Change or Time Lines. We reached a common conclusion with the other participating organisations and participants: the impact increases as the youth workers are going themselves through the personal development learning curve.

NLP is a powerful methodology, technology & even
an attitude… designed to help you to build and easily access mental, physical & emotional resources, innate skills, & creativity! This training is structured to open you to more of your real potential both personally and professionally! Learn to experience deep states of relaxation, awareness, & intense clarity. Access states of creativity, open pathways to optimal health, change limiting beliefs, & enhance self-esteem!

Description of the tool

The first part of this handbook comprises the materials that we explored (practically) during the NLP Practitioner Training Course, the first mobility.
The second part is the collection of Masterpieces
(methods) that were created by each individual
or pair at the end of the NLP Master Practitioner
(the second mobility).
Those were presented in plenary and tested by small groups among themselves.

- Improving personal skill and abilities in communication with youth from various backgrounds gaining a deeper understanding of their needs.
- Enhancing the ability of involving the youth within the community activities by practically applying the methods developed during the project
- Improving your practical understanding of how NLP techniques work in order to develop their own method that are useful for the youth community.


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Tool overview

NLP Handbook for Youth Workers

This tool addresses

Social Inclusion, Personal Development, Peer education

It is recommended for use in:

European Voluntary Service
Training and Networking

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Asociatia Copiii in Sanul Familiei

in the context of

Art Of Changing KA1 Youth Workers Training Course

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Vlad Grigoras

and last modified

18 February 2019

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