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Ice-breaker, Name Game/Get to know each other

Newcomers on the island - breaking the ice

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- To encourage interaction within the group
- To get acquainted with each other
- To get accommodated in the working space

Description of the tool

Coming to the course is like coming to the new island where people don’t know each other and don’t have enough courage to start communicating from the first sight.
I. There are several “levels of courage”:
1. When the music starts, participants are encouraged to feel the rhythm and start walking/dancing in the whole working room by changing going chaotically to different directions. While walking they are supposed to look only at the each other foots.
2. “Second level” – to continue walking, but people already can start looking at each other knees;
3. “Third level” – to stat looking at each other bellies
4. “The fourth level” – to start making a sight to each other eyes, but just for a second
II. After reaching the moment when people already “can look” to each other eyes, next step is to start greeting each other.
1. People are asked to greet each other in the way they do in their own country or region and to say one’s own name. They do it with several people while music is playing.
2. After a minute they are asked to continue greeting, but this time – in the way the local people are doing it (local-people living the region of the training venue). It’s important to remind that people all the time are saying their own name to each other.
3. There might be other variations with greetings depending on the energy level of the group and the duration for the session dedicated to get to know each other.

Additional comments: This exercise usually can be good ice-breaker at the very beginning of the event, creating positive and funny atmosphere and stimulus to start interaction among people in the group.


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Any size

and addresses

Group Dynamics

Materials needed:

Music equipment , dynamic rhythmic music, enough space for group to move around


Up to 20 minutes

Behind the tool

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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Laimonas Ragauskas (on 11 May 2007)

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17 December 2008

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