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Mystery of Art

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We want to bring together young people withdyslexia who have learning disabilities and non-disabled young people to facilitate their integration into society, to increase their confidence

Aims of the tool

Our aim is to help our children who are in need of special attention to be aware of their individual skills, to encourage them to communicate in social environments and to create environments that can demonstrate their creativity.
  We will prove to everyone that the problems of young people with disabilities will be more effective in solving problems by including young people who have the problem in the solution process. In addition, we will ensure that many youth working in the youth field include young people with disabilities in their work. We have noticed that various youth organizations have carried out various activities and projects for gerçekleştiril disabled people ın, but few of them have been actively involved with the disabled. After the project, we aim to increase the number of mixed-skill projects.

Description of the tool

During our project, these young people will create an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings to other people in the workshops of handicrafts. Our international mixed skills project will enable young people with and without disabilities to live together for a certain period of time. they will have a chance to set up. Young people with disabilities will be able to get to know different kinds of obstacles and start seeing the people behind the obstacle. By living together with their peers who have disabilities, helping each other and trying to cope with unexpected situations, young people will have the opportunity to know each other in a positive way and with a real sense of their prejudices.

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Tool overview

Mystery of Art

This tool is for

An international exchange project with a group of mixed skills will be an experience that changes the lives of the participants. Often, young people with disabilities do not even dream of going abroad because of the reasons that have been told over and over again. Such a success will be an important gain for them and an experience that will strengthen their respect for them. In the end they will have the opportunities everyone has.  Young people with disabilities will be able to establish an equal relationship with their peers during the project activities.  Participants will become part of an international group and will have a real life experience in terms of social skills. Young people will learn how to get a place in the group, contact with others, find solutions to intercultural communication problems and so on.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Behind the tool

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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Bekir Kaan UZUNÖZ (on 27 August 2020)

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13 February 2020

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