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Presentation, Group Building Activity, Name Game/Get to know each other

Mystery detective

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Get to know each other, create bonds, raising curiosity in the group, determine whether "first impression is always last impression";)

Description of the tool

Ask participants to write their names on the cards. Put all names in a hat or basket. Ask each participant to draw one card with a name of someone. Tell participants that the person they picked will be their mystery investigation and they become detectives. Secretly they have to get as many interesting information about this person as they can. Next day we start session with disclosure of who knows what about whom:)
This game help people get to know each other better in a relatively short time, stimulates creativity and creates bonds.
You can also use it for showing how first impression work by saying that while presenting, detectives should include first impression of the person they are going to investigate and than what they found out about them.


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Tool overview

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Social Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Intercultural Learning, Peer education, Youth Participation

Materials needed:

cards with names of participants


1 day

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Luiza Czajkowska (on 14 April 2009)

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14 April 2009

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