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Multiplex cinema evaluation

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The multiplex cinema evaluation allows to realize the final evaluation in a funny and engaging way: the participants are asked to put from 0 to 3 people (in relation to their liking) in each movie theatre representing a different implemented activity.

Aims of the tool

- evaluate all the project activities/daily activities in a funny way
- actively involve all the participants
- allow to everybody to express their level of satisfaction in an anonimous and non-verbal way
- create an immage that exactly reflects in a visual way the group evaluation of the activities.

Description of the tool

You should print as many empty cinema theatre (see the attachment) as are the activities that you want to evaluate. You can color them and you should write in each screen the evaluated activity. All the cinema theater have to be sticked on a big paper on the wall, so to obtain a multiplex cinema!
You should explain the participants that their are asked to evaluate each activity by drowing from 0 to 3 heads of people emerging from the armchairs of the cinema, by dipping their finger in the black finger color and making the number of desired printings on the upperside of the armchairs.
About the different levels of satisfaction, they could be 3 finger printings=EXCELLENT; 2 finger printings=VERY GOOD; 1 finger printing=ADEQUATE; no finger printing=POOR.


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Tool overview

Multiplex cinema evaluation

This tool addresses


It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

- Black finger colors
- as many representations of an empty cinemas as are the activities you want to evaluate
- colors


15-20 min

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Associazione Uniamoci Onlus

in the context of

Preparation of the youth exchange "3...2...1 Action!"

The tool has been experimented in

youth exchange "3...2...1 Action!" final evaluation

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Davide Di Pasquale (on 23 April 2015)

and last modified

21 April 2015

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