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Methods' booklet

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Sharing useful methods and good practices concerning local and international youth work with special focus on competence development through voluntary activities.

Aims of the tool

To define the competences and roles of youth worker.
To assess the political, cultural, economic and geographical aspects of youth work and voluntary work.
To exchange good practices of youth work activities, tools and methods and assess why they work with young people successfully.
To recognise the importance and core elements of non – formal learning in youth work.
To prepare a proposal for quality standards of youth work.

Description of the tool

Our methods' booklet consists of best methods used in local and international level in order to develop and improve needed competences of young people through voluntary work. It describes the timing, the target group, the aims, the needed materials and descriptions of the methods, possible adaptions of the methods, needed competences of the facilitators in order to run the methods, the competence development and learning outcomes of young people who participate in.

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Tool overview

This tool is for

youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, facilitators, teachers, psychologist, social workers, etc.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Peer education, Gender issues, Eastern Europe and Caucasus

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Mara Árvai and Endre Kiss

in the context of

Methods' booklet was made by participants in the seminar ”You(th)r work and Erasmus+?, which was held in Szeged, Hungary, at 11 - 18 October 2014. 26 participants worked on in from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Mara Arvai (on 29 November 2014)

and last modified

19 November 2014

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