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MemorInmotion - Pedagogical Tool on Culture of Remembrance

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“MemorInmotion”, is a toolkit for trainers, teachers, educators, youth workers and students on constructive culture of remembrance, identities, history and dealing with the past

Aims of the tool

Encouraging a critical stance towards the process of memorialisation, e.g. through contextualizing the politics of memory and becoming aware of the difficulties of monument building, and the contested meanings of the monuments;
• Increasing awareness about the young peoples’ roles and responsibilities in the process of
• Promoting inclusive reflection on the past, present and future, in a constructive dialogue across countries;
• Contributing to establish trust between individuals and communities of different backgrounds in order to restore dialogue and rebuild peaceful relationships;
• To actively engage young people to create a space for constructive dialogue and confrontation between different perceptions and sharing new perspectives beyond the dominant public discourse and the various boundaries that exist in each society.

The authors of “MemorInmotion” believe that “lessons” from and about the past, transformed in
“tools” for the future, can support a constructive and reflective discussion on memorialisation among young people in Europe, and, in turn, can hopefully contribute to more peaceful and reconciled societies.

Description of the tool

The memorial landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in the Western Balkans region is highly divided, with “memories
in movement” screaming at each other in public. Although being exposed on a daily basis to cemented memories in stone, young people often know or care little about the messages behind the monuments.They grow up in a repressive socio-political and cultural climate in which the representation of the past in the present is often misused, selective and one-sided. Given this backdrop, educational initiatives and projects based on the Tool "MemorInmotion" are realized with the aim to raise awareness on memorialisation in the public space and the role of monuments in the Western Balkans and to discuss processes of dealing the pas, identities and history with young people in Europe.
The complete pedagogical material included in the “MemorInmotion” is the results of a joint endeavor of a multicultural team including partners as Anne Frank House, EUROCLIO HIP BiH, YIHR, university professors, teachers, historians, artists and youth workers from BiH and abroad dealing with issues such as nonviolent conflict management, peace building and human rights.The material is available in the languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Macedonian, Albanian, English and German.
link for downloading the complete tool:

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

MemorInmotion - Pedagogical Tool on Culture of Remembrance

This tool is for

Trainers, teachers, professors, educators, youth workers, NGOs representatives and students

and addresses

Intercultural Learning, European Citizenship, South-East Europe, Peer education, Gender issues

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking
Capacity Building

Materials needed:

Laptop, projector, screen, moderation material and flip-chart
link for downloading the complete tool:


1 Lesson plan last 1-2 hours. The Tool offers 11 different and complementary Lesson plans lasting between from 1-3 hours. The whole Tool material can be introduced in a 2,5 days training session for up to 25 participants.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

ForumZFD (Forum Civil Peace Service)

in the context of

MemorInmotion was developed by joining the Forum ZFD Project on Education and dealing with past with Memory walk Project by Anne Frank House and YIHR

The tool has been experimented in

So far, more than 20 trainings of the trainers and numerous workshops for youth were realized in BiH, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany and other countries

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Michele Parente (on 26 July 2018)

and last modified

13 February 2018

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