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Love Speech for a World Without Hate

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The Hate Speech will loose if you don’t try to fight against it but share positive experience of helping each other and accepting our differences – loving each other just as we are. So this we call Love Speech.

Aims of the tool

- To learn how to deal with Hate Speech in a positive way.
- To decrease negativity in our communication.

Description of the tool

Group size: Maximum 20 people

1. Introduction to the group and activity.
2. Introduction to the interactive documentary film project “Love Speech: Choose your story” (!AjOgchk-HkPOi3eJAMJQZFPHPnDv?e=EFkSP3). There are 5 video stories and participants can choose which story/topic they want to watch and discuss first (apx. 30 minutes).
3. We divide the big group into two smaller groups where people will share their own stories of helping each other or accepting another person’s right to be what he/she is. It’s important to respect each other and do not feel judge. For that goal it’s important to have a moderator in each group (10 minutes).
4. Participants will share their own stories to understand better where is the Love Speech in their own life. Then they discuss how they can spread this idea in their communities (30 minutes).
5. Two groups are gathering back into a big circle and asking them to share their thoughts about the idea of Love Speech, what's the best strategy to deal with Hate Speech using Love and how they can work with it themselves. (40 minutes)
6. Short reflection of participants’ emotions of the workshop. Preparing for the 2nd stage of project. Claps and congratulations. (10 minutes)

2nd stage is shooting participants’ Love Speech stories and sharing them in the special media with hashtags #LoveSpeech, #BetterWorld.

After the shootings Closing session and invitation to drink a tea together.


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Tool overview

Love Speech for a World Without Hate

This tool is for

Young People

and addresses

Personal Development, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Materials needed:

Projector, computer, tea and sweets


2 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Sona Arsenyan, Maria Eduarda Costa

in the context of

՞DocuSpeech against Hate Speech՞ project (2018, Luxembourg)

The tool has been experimented in

Local workshops in Lisbon (Portugal) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Seg Kirakossian (on 19 September 2019)

and last modified

19 September 2019

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