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Group Building Activity

Looking for Ideal...

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Looking for Ideal … is a team-building exercise providing an opportunity to discuss how should ideal trainer, project and participant look like. The exercise can be considered as first step for establishing ground rules of the project.

Aims of the tool

To support creating team atmosphere;
To discuss characteristics which according the participants should have ideal trainer, ideal project and ideal participant;
To raise awareness of participants about different aspects which are influencing success of the project;
To start discussion on which ground rule of the project can be settle down;
To increase awareness of the participant’s about their role in the project;
To discuss importance aspects of the projects as being tolerance, respectful, open – minded, actively contributing.

Description of the tool

Exercise Looking for Ideal ... is team building exercises taking place at the beginning of the project, preferable in some of the first sessions. Main aim of the exercise is to get to know expectations of participants regarding the trainers, project itself as other participants and to and start a discussion on which based ground rules of the project can be settle down.

Preparation of the Exercise:
There are three flipcharts putting in room or any area that is enough big that participants can walk around each flipchart and write down comments and ideas. On the first flipchart is written Ideal Trainer…, on the second one Ideal Participant, on the third one Ideal Project (training course or youth exchange).

Following explanation is given to the participants – you can freely move in the space and share on each flipchart your expectations, experiences, ideas which kind of characteristics should have ideal trainer, ideal project and ideal participant in way to achieve successful project. The participants can express their opinions in one word as ideal trainer is creative, supportive; by sentence or by short story reflecting some previous experiences.
The time limit for sharing is up 20 minutes. It can be change as it depends on the size of the group.
When all participants express their opinions the discussion is starting. The trainers are reading from the flipcharts and participants can encourage commenting, share experience as to discuss characteristics which were written down.
Following topics can appear:
In case of ideal participant can be written - ideal participants is sharing their experiences, is on time, is taking active part in discussions and activities. Questions which can follow – how we can support sharing experiences and active participation? In case that the participants are not respecting the timeline should be their some “punishment”?
In case of ideal trainer can be written … Ideal trainer is creative, supportive, is a leader, is expert in the area, is respecting the participants Question which can follow – what is the role of the trainer? Do you think that trainer should be a leader? What’s mean for you respect?

To add:
The trainers, support stuff can also written down their ideas how ideal project should look like to start discussion reflecting certain topics.


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Tool overview

This tool addresses

Intercultural Learning

It is recommended for use in:

Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)
Action 3.1 (Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries)

Materials needed:

3 flipcharts papers
pen or maker for each participant


The duration of the exercise depends on number of participants.
It can be 10 - 15 min for writing the characteristics done and up to 20 - 30 min for a discussion.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

The tool was used as one of the team building exercise in training course Sustainable Project Management organized in September 2011 in Struga, Reublic of Macedonia and host by organization called Kvantum.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ilona Olehlova (on 28 November 2011)

and last modified

28 November 2011

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