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Learning to juggle

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Learning something to make you think about your learning.

Aims of the tool

· To experience learning
· To reflect on your learning
· To share and compare with others

Description of the tool

The facilitator introduces participants to the aims of the exercise and explains that they will have to
learn to juggle within a limited time frame. Each participant gets three balls and is invited to start
learning to juggle. They have different options to help them learn:
· watch the instruction video
· read the instruction sheet
· go to a teacher who will instruct them
· find their own way of learning
They will have half an hour to learn how to juggle.


In small groups (four – six participants), look back at the experience:
· How did you start to learn? Did you make a plan or did you just start doing?
· Which of the different learning options did you choose and why?
· Are you satisfied with how far you got?
· What were the difficult moments?
· How did you try to overcome those moments?
· Did you ask for help from others?
· Did you look at the others? Did they have different strategies?
· Can you connect this experience to how you normally learn?
· How do you think you can further improve?
· What would be your next steps?

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Tool overview

This tool is for

. Any

and addresses

Personal Development

Materials needed:

· Three juggling balls for each participant
· An instruction video on juggling with three balls (you can find them on
· Computer equipment (computer, data projector and internet connection) to show the video
· Instruction sheet on how to juggle with three balls (you can find them on the internet)


· 2 hrs

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Paul Kloosterman

in the context of

Handbook Youthpass Unfolded

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ayoub Intern (on 13 October 2015)

and last modified

9 October 2015

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