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Learning needs of volunteers - analysis. Mapping report 2020

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It resents the benefits in term of learning that volunteering is expected to bring to disadvantaged people who are willing or are already participating in
volunteering programs. These benefits were mapped through questionnaires volunteers themselves.

Aims of the tool

The survey results are aimed at providing insights on the learning needs of volunteers, as a critical step while creating a personal development plan for volunteers and for enabling volunteers to achieve success in their personal development path. This information are aimed at helping the staff in any Non profit NGO to improve the quality of
volunteering programs, finding the best way to meet the specific personal empowerment
needs to the needs of the reference communities.
The purpose of this survey is to help NGOS and public bodies staff to identify training priorities in volunteering programs. In the survey we asked to volunteers and potential volunteers to evaluate
their current skills in some key areas and to connect it with the interest in further
developing the examined skill in the frame of some volunteering programs. This tool was realized in the frame of an Erasmus+ project entitled "Yes volunteering", supporting the exchange of best practices in adult education from 6 Eu countries.

To learn more about the project please visit:
project website:

Description of the tool

The learning outcomes for social workers using this Survey Report are the followings:
-increased knowledge about learning needs of volunteers or potential volunteers;
-specif knowledge about the learning needs of the volunteers, with regard to the key competences needed to enter and to remain in the labor market;
-useful insights to further enhance the
power of volunteering to support the personal and the professional development of people
at exclusion risk.


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Tool overview

Learning needs of volunteers - analysis. Mapping report 2020

This tool is for

This publication is addressed to youth workers, educators, people working in a third sector organization, coach or mentor, learner in non-formal education and anyone interested in developing non formal activities for skills empowerment in disadvantaged people.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Voluntary Service, European Citizenship

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Francesca Bellomo (on 19 November 2020)

and last modified

19 September 2020

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