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Kinesthetic learning tools for youth empowerment - publication with methods and descriptions

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The digital methodological material
for dance teachers and youth workers
on kinesthetic learning for youth empowerment was developed as part of E+ KA2 project "The Key to Connection" and includes many descriptions of tools

Aims of the tool

The main idea of this publication or Digital Reader (as we call it) is to share our experience from the project and inspire other youth workers and dance teachers to apply competency-based kinsethetic learning approach with their young people.

Youtube channel of project includes some visual insight into some activities and our approach:

Description of the tool

This Digital methodological material includes 231 pages and following contents:

- Short intro to project idea, partners and authors
- Explanation to how we understand KINESTHETIC LEARNING concept and why/how do we use it in our work with young people
- Our research and formulation of 4 main project themes and competencies:
1.) Critical understanding of self
2.) Observing and connection
3.) Openness as an Attitude
4.) Diversity as a Value
- Description of kinesthetic workshops implemented within project
- Our challenges during the project implementation


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Tool overview

Kinesthetic learning tools for youth empowerment - publication with methods and descriptions

This tool is for

Young people, but could be also adults

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Group Dynamics, Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Strategic Partnerships

Materials needed:

Depends on the workshop


Each workshop described in publication is ~1,5-2 hrs long

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

"The Key to Connection" - different partners of the KA2 project - 8 different organizations

in the context of

This publication has been developed during the project “the Key to Connection” (2019-1-LV02-KA205-002541). This project has been co-financed with the support of the European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for

The tool has been experimented in

Throughout 2 years with young people in LV, PL, GR, BG

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ieva Grundsteine (on 30 December 2021)

and last modified

21 December 2021

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