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KEKS' EVS manual

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This manual was written with the intention of offering a hands-on guide to start working with EVS. Our target group is youngsters interested to become volunteers and community centres that haven't participated in or have begun to work with EVS projects.

Aims of the tool

What we want with the “EVS Inspiration Tour” is to stimulate the interest about the Youth in Action programme (and in the same time to offer an informing guide to both youngsters and youth leaders/project managers.

Description of the tool

The EVS manual is an instrument to be used during the ”EVS Inspiration Tour”. The aim of
the ”EVS Inspiration Tour” is both to inform and to spread the results of the EVS projects ”Meet in
Youth Realities 1-4” carried out in KEKS network between 2009-2012.

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

KEKS' EVS manual

This tool is for

Our target group is KEKS members, youngsters interested to become volunteers through the EVS programme and community centres that have not yet participated in or have begun to work with international programs. We focus on unemployed youth, minority youth, and young people with fewer opportunities as well as young people in general.

and addresses

Voluntary Service

It is recommended for use in:

Action 2 (European Voluntary Service)

Materials needed:


Behind the tool

The tool was created by

KEKS network - Andreea Maris, Akaki Jamburia, Sara Lesch

in the context of

"Meet in youth realities IV" - EVS project

The tool has been experimented in

Pre-departure training

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Andreea Maris (on 25 March 2013)

and last modified

25 March 2013

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