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Ins & Outs: Starter Kit to Escape Exclusion - Inclusive Escape adventures for innovation in education

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This Starter Kit supports educators to develop Inclusive educational escape adventures. It has both conceptual and practical elements and is composed by a Handbook, Toolkit and Tutorial; From copy-paste examples to step-by-step self-development guidance.

Aims of the tool

The aim of this tool is to further develop Creative Learning Environments by creating a complete, inclusive and practical support for educators to innovate their approaches by implement inclusive educational escape adventures in and their practices.

• To discuss the concept of inclusive educational approaches and escape games in education and escape adventure in particular;

• To understand the concepts of games in education, inclusion and inclusive learning environments where young people have ownership of their own learning;

• To develop low threshold examples for educators of educational inclusive escape adventures for educators to try and explore these escape adventures as a practical tool in their practices;

• To support teachers and other educators to develop their own inclusive escape adventures for their own target groups and practices by developing clear and complete guidelines;

• To collect the outcomes and create a useful and meaningful tool that support educators in both formal and non-formal education in Europe to make changes they want in their practices.

Description of the tool

This Starter Kit ‘INS & OUTS’ focuses on content development for inclusive escape adventures and is designed to support educators to use them and develop inclusive learning environments. The Starter kit explains how to create practical escape adventures and how to ensure that they are inclusive and educational.

'Ins & Outs 'Starter kit is composed by 4 parts:

Includes information about the project and our concepts of escape adventures, games in education, escape adventures, inclusion, and ownership of learners.

Includes 8 fully developed copy-paste inclusive escape adventure modules on Inclusion, like loneliness, self-exclusion, inclusion, autonomy, etc. These modules can be used and printed in various educational contexts.

Contains a step-by-step design process of educational escape adventures with elements, like structure, design, game flow, resources and supporting the learning process.

Explains the way we understand and use the wordings and the concepts that we use

All material is avaialble in English, Latvian, Spanish, Italian and Dutch and downloadable from our project websites: or

This Toolbox is developed together with a the Find Your Way Toolbox , with 9 educational Escape Adventure formats and Inclusive Clarssrooms -research. You can find them also here in the Tools for Trainers.


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Tool overview

Ins & Outs: Starter Kit to Escape Exclusion - Inclusive Escape adventures for innovation in education

This tool is for

Educators: teachers, youth workers, social workers, youth leaders and anyone who works with young people in any educational setting.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability, Personal Development, Gender issues, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

• Nothing, until you decide to implement the escape adventure in your practice. Then it depends on your choice which materials are needed.


varies from 15 minutes upto days ort weeks.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Gabi Steinprinz, Javi Quilez, Dani Korai, Tina Korai, (design by Dani Korai and Javi Quilez) and all educators that have been involved in the Escape Exclusion project.

in the context of

Escape Exclusion - Strategic Partnership Project KA2 in Erasmus+

The tool has been experimented in

Various local, regional, national and international activities, trainings and events in both formal and non-formal education, mainly in Italy, Latvia, Spain and The Netherlands.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Gabi Steinprinz (on 3 October 2023)

and last modified

26 June 2023

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